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Knoppenburg Manor
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knoppenburg manors for sale

knoppenburg manor for sale

Knoppenburg manor sale

Due to the structure and location, the estate offers you the opportunity to realize your private or commercial vision.

Your dream to dwell as a manor proprietor is easily realizable on a 1000m©˜ living and floor space.

Or simply as a safe retreat for a family with a distinctive need for a large area of free space and nature. Residents in Belgium and neighboring Germany enjoy some of the lowest crime rates in Europe and have remained free from the threat of terrorist attacks. Liberal immigration policies and an open-minded culture compared to other countries makes Belgium particularly attractive for new-comers.

Horse enthusiasts can take advantage of the Manor's stables and agricultural land. A riding hall granted with building approval poses the opportunity to provide a further character to the property.

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Knoppenburg manor

Knoppenburg manor

Knoppenburg manor

The location and the total estate size allow even the thought of owning a private hunting ground.

Or perhaps you are looking for a unique commercial opportunity. With its history and grandeur, the Manor is an interesting object for artists and media proprietors with their own studios and galleries.

"1000m©˜ living and floor space"

Commercial investors can utilize the property in different ways. The close touch with nature plus an excellent traffic connection is more than a perfect location for a hotel and conference centre. An elevated living ambiance in exercise-friendly surroundings form the ideal location for a senior residence.

Close to Aachen, the city of horses and home of the internationally renowned dressage, jumping and driving event known as CHIO, the Manor could be an ideal location for horse breeding. The famous "Galopprennbahn" in Cologne as well as the Duesseldorf race track are only a short trot away. Also within easy reach are the Paris race tracks of Longchamp, Chantilly and Maison Lafitte to name but a few.

Everything is realizable - whether condominiums, horse farm, center for service providers - a central location in Europe and in the middle of nature: Ideal conditions for residing, operating or simply enjoying.

Knoppenburg manor

Knoppenburg manor

Knoppenburg Manor had a historical mention already in the 16th century under its original name "Hop op der Heyde" which means Court on the Heath. It has arisen from the restructuring of the old and significant Manor Belven from which it presumably split-off in the 16th century.

"Hop op der Heyde"

In 1612 Simon Bertholf bequeathed the property to Guillaume de Fischer as a gift. The family Fischer extended the building to include two side wings and two towers. The owners changed once more at the beginning of the 18th century and the estate belonged to the family Lamberts after 1717.

In the course of the Century Pierre-Ignace-Joseph de la Saulx, President of the District Court, Malmedy and later advisor at the Cologne Higher Regional Court acquired the estate through inheritance. The coats of arms of the family de la Saulx decorate the weathercocks on the towers of Knoppenburg Manor to this very day.

The main building made its debut in the classical style at the beginning of the 19th century, as can be seen today. Through marriage and inheritance, in the course of time the Manor became the property of the family de Blanchart.

In 1936 Joseph-Henri Guillaume van Laar purchased the estate. After the last change of ownership in 1998, extensive restoration and remedial work began.

Today, Kloppenburg Manor lies on the historical "Castle Trail" &endash; a fascinating route that links 20 palaces, castles and stately homes along 79km of the Belgian countryside

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Knoppenburg Manor is now opening to the public for the first time - Knoppenburg Manor itself has 156 acres of countryside and until this year the owners turned down requests for access. pics Knoppenburg Manor .. Castles


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